About Us

Who are we and why are we here.

About Us

Who are we and why are we here.

Kerry and Grant Williams are the people behind Accessible Accommodation. We have family members that frequently require accessible accommodation and also own a holiday rental.  We’ve seen both sides of the importance of good information for people with disabilities,  from the perspective of people needing accessible accommodation, and for people owning and managing accommodation that may or may not be accessible.

Six years ago, we built an Accessible holiday rental in beautiful Barwon Heads.  We discovered just how different everyone’s needs are, that there simply isn’t a “one size fits all”. We have spent considerable time researching and talking to guests who require varying levels of accessibility.

We understand their needs, and now share this knowledge with other property owners who wish to attract a booming category of travellers and people requiring STA (Short Term Accommodation.). 

Meet Kerry

Kerry is the Founder and driving force behind The Accessible Group. Inspired by her mother Barbie, who has MS, to make it easier for those with disabilities to book suitable holiday and short term accommodation that they can be assured suits their needs, she has built the organisation into what it is today. She has 30 years of experience in Sales and Marketing and a specialist in Digital Marketing, with broad social media expertise. Kerry believes Accessibility should be the norm, not the exception. Because everyone deserves a break!

Meet Gary

Gary is an executive and board professional, and has over 30 years’ experience in Leadership roles with Australian and multinational organisations, specialising in network and operational management. He is an adjunct professor with Deakin Business School, and a Master’s assessor with DeakinCo. Gary has worked in board and functional with many not-for-profit organisations, and is a past Vice-President for the Federal advocacy organisation ‘Carers Australia’.  Gary holds Masters degrees in Business Administration and business law. Gary has also had the privilege to serve as primary support person for his wife Leanne (who has muscular dystrophy) for more than 10 years’. Gary joins The Accessible Group as commercial director, and is an equity partner in the business.

Meet Leanne

Leanne is a busy ‘empty-nester’ and has turned to a long-held plan to pursue further education studying Sociology. She also writes a blog related to her experiences and knowledge of having a neurological disorder called Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy, acquired at age forty. Leanne also loves connecting to and learning from others in similar situations as her.

Meet Ashlee

Ashlee Morton
Ashlee Morton

Ashlee single mum to two young children who are equal parts the greatest joy of her life and the reason she says she checks for grey hairs each morning. Ashlee has used a manual wheelchair for most of her life & know firsthand just how important it is to know exactly what you are booking in terms of accommodation when you have additional needs. 

Meet Grant

Grant, is Kerry’s husband, partner in life and co-founder of The Accessible Group. He assisted Kerry in building the websites and is responsible for the platforms behind all the online content as well as technical support for Kerry, Leanne and Ashlee. When not supporting The Accessible Group, he is a Technical Director for a large multi-national aerospace organisation with almost 40 years experience in the IT industry. He is a Chartered Engineer and an IT and Human Factors specialist and uses these skills, along with his understanding of accessible traveller’s needs, to ensure the user experience of the online presence is the best it can be.

Together our goal is to ensure that travellers can now be well informed to confidently find and book accommodation where they can have an inclusive stay with their family, creating cherished memories. 

Between us, Accessible Accommodation offers tech-savvy support and intimate knowledge of digital marketing, and experience managing an accessible holiday rental, as well as travelling with a disability.

These attributes are vital in today’s tourism climate.  We have also launched Accessible Experiences (link here). This is an opportunity to be a part of an even more comprehensive resource site.

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