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Accessible Accommodation - the authority on accessible travel. Find out how you can access a booming audience of frequent travellers.

Information for Business Owners

Discover Accessible Accommodation. Find out how you can access a booming audience of frequent travellers.

The Go-To Website For Accessible Holiday, Short Term, & Respite Accommodation.

Accessible Accommodation: the experts in bringing guests from the fastest-growing travel sector to your accommodation or service. NSW Tourism/ Travel Weekly Award finalists for 2019. Accessible Accommodation has established itself as a leader in accessible tourism, Accessible Accommodation has over 18,000 loyal and actively engaged subscribers & followers

A cost-effective marketing tool.

You have two options:

1. Integrate into our Booking Platform whereby a small % commission is taken per booking.


2. Your property (or service) is listed for a low yearly fee .

You can choose to purchase advertising packages at any time when you want that additional boost for your business. (We take care of the art work).

Active social media expertise

We’re continuing to build a cult following of over 17,000 Aussies who need Accessible Accommodation (Short TermRespite or holiday accommodation) & services, and actively engage with us. You can tap into this fast-growing community.

Over 8500 Facebook Page followers.

Over 4,000 Facebook Group members.

Over 1,820 Instagram followers.

Over 2,100 newsletter subscribers.

Over 25,000 page views a month.

fastest growing travel sector Accessible Accommodation
fastest growing travel sector
accessible tourism

Repeat customers and more positive reviews

A better experience for guest resulting in even better reviews for your property or service business. Travellers with a disability who require Accessible Accommodation spend far more time researching to determine is the place is right for them. Our point of difference is the level of detail we go to. If “what you see is exactly what you get”, there is a greatly reduced chance of disappointment. There is a greatly increased chance of an awesome experience, and therefore a fantastic review.

A far bigger chance of repeat customers.We have found that guests requiring accessibility are 5 times more likely to re book with us and return again and again. They are generally risk adverse and feel more secure returning to what they are familiar with.

Increase income potential by reaching a fast-growing audience.

Travellers with a disability represents a greater share of our population than you may realise, and they spend more.  In fact, the travel sector for people with disabilities is estimated to be the equivalent of the entire Chinese travel market! Baby boomers require safe accessible accommodation too! Read more facts and figures further down. 

The Facts

Travellers with a disability represents a greater share of our population than you may realise, and they spend more. Baby boomers require safe accessible accommodation too! 

Did you know…. According to Forbes, “One annual report from Return on Investment compares the emerging market of people with disabilities to the size of China. That’s an estimated 1.3 billion people with disabilities, many of them Baby Boomers who control a larger share of wealth than any previous generation.” An estimated 18 – 20% of Australian adults have a disability or long-term health condition.

With an ageing population, the disability sector is expected to grow significantly. By 2050, nearly one-quarter of the population will be aged 65 years or over. Combine this with increased life expectancy and we are likely to see greater demand for accessible and inclusive tourism. Highlighting this significantly untapped market, Tourism Research Australia recently estimated that 1.3 million Australians with disability have taken at least one domestic day or overnight trip in the previous two years. Source: click here 

Did you know…Travellers with a disability are far more loyal and spend more.

Travellers with a disability tend to spend more than those without, often travelling with a carer, family or friends. They tend to remain loyal to those who serve them well and quickly desert businesses that fail them.  Source: click here 

Did you know… The NDIS is freeing up discretionary spending for people with disabilities.

Hearsay from our guests with disabilities say that receiving economic assistance for essentials such as equipment and day to day living means that there is money left over to plan a holiday. Another benefit is that slowly, but surely, the numbers of people with disabilities finding employment is growing therefore there is greater discretionary spending in the household. Furthermore, is the person is self managed, they may also have an allowance of up to 28 days short term accommodation.

Did you know…. Whilst baby Boomers account for just 25 per cent of the Australian population, they hold 53 per cent of the nation’s wealth.

As they grow older, the need for safe accessible accommodation continues to grow. Further, they have more time to do so and therefore stay longer in the accommodation of their choice.Source: McCrindle Research and Read more here


There simply isn't a "one size fits all"

Because everyone’s needs differ, our extensive FAQ for each listing helps answer guests unique needs. To help make it simple, we have also categorised the differing needs of people to help make it easily identifiable. They are: Assisted WalkingIndependent Wheelchair User and Assisted Wheelchair User. We classify each property or service based on the information you provide and use the icons below to clearly identify the level of accessibility of your property / service to make it easier for guests to find a property that suits their special needs. Also, our search functionality picks up any keyword a potential guest may look for. For example: shower chair, will pick up every property that has that feature.

Assisted Walking

(Walking Frame or Cane Users). Some accessible amenities would come in handy.

accessible accommodation

Independent Wheelchair User

Wheelchair users who can lift themselves to bed and toilet. You would benefit from disability equipment).

Assisted Wheelchair User

Where a person is unable to lift themselves and require the assistance of a carer.

Our Story

Accessible accommodation owners Kerry and Grant
Kerry & Grant

Kerry and Grant Williams are the people behind Accessible Accommodation. We have family members that frequently require accessible accommodation and also own a holiday rental.  We’ve seen both sides of the importance of good information for people with disabilities,  from the perspective of people needing accessible accommodation, and for people owning and managing accommodation that may or may not be accessible.

Six years ago, we built an Accessible holiday rental in beautiful Barwon Heads.  We discovered just how different everyone’s needs are, that there simply isn’t a “one size fits all”. We have spent considerable time researching and talking to guests who require varying levels of accessibility.

We understand their needs, and now share this knowledge with other property owners who wish to attract a booming category of travellers and people requiring STA (Short Term Accommodation.). 

We discovered guests with disabilities spend more time at a holiday location and therefore spend more money.

We discovered a desperate need for a single portal to access suitable accommodation that would cater to the travel needs of people with disabilities, as well as the maturing Baby Boomer generation. Our guests have stated that they wished there was something similar in other locations, where what you see is what you get upon arrival.

We focused. Before someone can even consider whether the location, or property is what we are after, they have to first be practical. They need information. Holidaymakers with disabilities require very detailed photos and FAQ’s.  They also actively participate in social media, sharing their experiences (and thus significant word of mouth). It is probably the main reason why our engagement level on social media is so exceptionally high.

There is a benefit to providers by giving detailed info. If what you see is what you get, reviews can only be positive.

Kerry, is a specialist in Digital Marketing, with broad social media expertise. Grant, is an IT and Human Factors specialist. He has taken his understanding of accessible travellers needs and turned it into a simple easy to manage website to navigate.

Leanne Watson

In September 2020 this lovely lady joined our team. Leanne is a busy ‘empty-nester’ and has turned to a long-held plan to pursue further education studying Sociology. She also writes a blog related to her experiences and knowledge of having a neurological disorder called Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy, acquired at age forty. Leanne also loves connecting to and learning from others in similar situations as her.
She loves experiencing different places and people, and now that she uses a wheelchair, discovered just how difficult and time-consuming organising an inclusive holiday can be. In joining us at Accessible Accommodation, she is helping to make true accessibility and inclusivity in holiday accommodation a reality

Between us, Accessible Accommodation offers tech-savvy support and intimate knowledge of digital marketing, and experience managing an accessible holiday rental, as well as travelling with a disability.

These attributes are vital in today’s tourism climate.  In late 2019, we are also launching Accessible Experiences. This is an opportunity to be a part of an even more comprehensive resource site.

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